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Default Re: No reverse BW R-10

When I tried to put it into reverse not using the clutch it was the reverse gear in the three speed part that was grinding. This transmission has not been in the car before. My transmission has a cracked case and leaks and other issues. I purchased this in unknown condition. When I opened it up I had to get a new sungear, planetary gear and #14 rail. Got them all from Van Pelt-expensive. I agree with you and think that for some reason the sun gear is not going into the planetary gear far enough. What I don't understand is why does it work on the bench and not in the car. What is different?

Do I have the wrong parts for this transmission? Just talking overdrive part. They all seem to fit together. Just asking.

Sounds like it's coming out again. Just not sure what to do once it's out.
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