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"Hi" Randy, I thought I sent you a note but can't find it so will start over. When I became owner of this "rag" it had a bottom layer of pressure treated lumber and then varnished oak over that, like hauling a load of firewood around ! I removed the bed to get at the rear spring bolts and bushings, (these babies were tough to get out) Discovered several leaves were broken so had to round up a pair of those,(scored a pr. like NOS) The bed sides looked decent outside but were thrashed good inside and a body guy told me I would spend a small fortune trying to make them pretty. He said I would be better off to get new sides and I did along with front headboard and all new crossmembers. Trying to put in just one layer of 3/4 " oak is going to leave me a small hump where the subrail is higher than the deck boards. It looks like I might have to make a small cover of oak and screw it down on top of the decking to cover it all. This is why I was looking for a few guys to show me what they have done in the bed to end up with a totally flat floor. Really appreciate your reply and help. Regards, Bob BTW,Is the kit you have thicker than 3/4 " ?
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