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Default Re: 39 Tranny casting #


What you are looking for is not a "39 Ford Transmission" since a transmission that came with a 39 car from the factory (with 39 part numbers) can be a 37/38 style or the "39 style" distinguished by the desireable 2nd/high synchros. So you need to look at the synchro where the 2nd/high fork resides. If the slot is in the center, it is the old stle; if the slot is to the rear, you have the "39 style".

The corresponding shift fork (91A- part number) sits 1/4 inch further back than the earlier style. It can be put into the earlier style towers and vice versa so just looking at the outside of the towers won't conclusively tell you what you want. Here you need to look for the 91A part number on the fork.