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Default Re: How many of you are working on a 1932 Ford ?

Originally Posted by 1932 V8 View Post
I have lived with the parts for the Roadster in the pics my whole life . My Dad was always wanting to put the car together but he never was able to . Family and just life always came first . He always wanted a Black Roadster with a tan interior . Although I was not able to get the Roadster to that stage I was able to make it a runner a month ago and we are driving it as much as possible . It's a lot of fun . It actually means more to me with all the colors on the car because that is what I grew up with . The body was the only part that came a little later . He found that from an old High school acquaintance that had stored the body and parts in a barn for 20+ years and never opened the barn the whole time .I was lucky enough to be a part of digging out the door of the barn to get the body out and other parts out. That was in 1984 and I was 14 . It was a great day . I wish my Dad was around today to enjoy his car but he will always be riding with us .
The car has an uncut original frame , Dropped Axle w/un-split wishbone ,a 39 trans a 40 rear end . Basically what Dad wanted was a 50's Hot Rod . About 25 years ago he decided to put a 65 Corvette 365 hp 327 in the car instead of the Flatty . I put it together with what I had but it will get a Flat motor before long . She deserves it ! I have some cool stories of the parts on the car and where they came from . I may do a thread on it someday when I have time . Enjoy !

Cool story man and glad you still have the car! I remember those kind of trips from the late '70's into the '80's of going on "junkin" trips with pops to rescue old Ford gold out in the woods and farmers fields in the upper midwest! Luckily he saved a few that he still has today!!
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