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Default Re: Terriable backfiring

Soooo……many questions to answer so here goes:
Frank 55a As I have said I have changed out the Distributor body AND Cap along with the Coil wire. Ernie I had checked the nuts on the amp meter and ignition because I was in there to check amps on the back of the meter. Nothing lose at that time so I’m holding off taking the dash down again. As to the fuse box I don’t have one on my car. Synchro909 I’m thinking you meant the ignition switch, see above. Curtis in MA I had drained the gas tank at Gettysburg last year to check the filter and found nothing but a clean filter and not bragging but a very nice clean tank. I think I will hold off on checking this again for awhile. Heneste see previous answer. 1crosscut I have been in there to check the arm of points several times in adjusting points cause I want it perfect at .020” and never felt the spring to be bad. As to the flexible wire under the upper plate I plan on checking this again. No, I haven’t taken the carb. apart and I wouldn’t leave out any parts anyhow HA! HA!
Marshall V. Daut I have to say I had that box apart because the back part of the box was cracked OR I took it off for the same reason you mentioned about the bolts. I remember using RTV on the back of the bolts so I’m hoping it would be good for five years. But this is another suggestion I have to keep in mind if I don’t find anything else. NO, you didn’t I had done a compression check . We actually had a suggestion from a non-fordbarner and non-Model A’er to see if we have a leaking head gasket BECAUSE when I went to short the plugs two of them didn’t really have any change in RPM. Katy now you are talking about something I don’t want to get into especially when I’m trying to find something simple, HOWEVER I will keep it in mind. 1crosscut I’m sorry but I don’t understand your suggestion or I guess what I don’t understand is what would it prove? steve s I actually disconnect my battery for the non-season and when getting it ready to get back on the road I always wire brush the posts, and cables, put electro (sp?) grease on each post then check the battery with a hydrometer done maybe 600-700 miles ago. The pigtail was screwed all the way in so I backed it out about two threads. I just had screwed it in with my fingers, no pliers. 1931 flamingo W18 Y’s are planned. No compression check but see above.

Thanks again to all who have responded and given me advice which I really appreciate. I’m just trying to get the info in some sort of order. By the way sorry for the rambling but trying to talk to everyone.
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