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Default Re: Knocking after installing new flywheel

Originally Posted by Marshall V. Daut View Post
My #1 reply in such cases is that the ring gear has worked forward on the flywheel. But you seem confident that it is seated all the way around. Scratch that one off the list. Maybe.
My #2 suggestion, then, agrees with Tom Endy: flywheel bolt heads being clipped by the inner hub of the clutch disk.
I struck the ring gear about 100 times with a four pound hammer and jumbo punch (because of your earlier post from 2015). It never moved from the original measurement of 0.1400" from the edge. That measurement is uniform over all 360 degrees. So I'm hoping it's good.

Originally Posted by Tom Endy View Post
An earlier post asked if you checked the adjustment of the fingers on the pressure plate. Attached is an article that addresses that subject.
I printed this document. I'll pull the bell housing and pressure plate tomorrow, and look for skinned heads on flywheel mounting bolts. I'm thinking you're right.

You guys are really great!
Ray White
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