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Default Pops 36 Ford made the Parade!

About a year to date after the old truck was rescued from a fence row. I got it completed enough to make the 75th annual Labor Day parade in Rector. I've still got some interior stuff to finish and I have a guy working in the windshield, but otherwise it looks better than I could if ever imagined, considering I'm not a professional restorer. I did put a lot of love and honor in this project for my grandfather that wanted to retore this truck years ago and my great grandfather whom I never met, but heard many stories about him from my dad and grand parents. A piece of my families history in the farming business was restored and that means a lot to me. My cousin that initially inherited the truck is riding with me in the parade in this video, she was rather emotional when she first saw it that day. To put it into perspective, my son is there riding in the middle, in his great great grandfathers truck!! Now that's cool! Thanks again for the help I got from you all on here during my journey! I really appreciate it! My dad has a 1948 Williys jeep he drove as a kid in one of our barns. He says I need to tackle that next. I told him I wanted a break first. Ha ha. Thanks again Bret!

Edit: Forgot to mention I also put it in a local car show in town the Saturday before, and it won first place! I had a lot of facebook followers on this project that probably helped me..ha. Just a great weekend!

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