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Default Re: Swapping to collapsible steering column?

Yours is a sensible question if you are going to fit only lap belts. I regard those as next to useless for the driver but I have them in my car for the passengers because they don't have to worry about a steering column spearing their chest. For myself (the driver) I had a belt made up. My cars are a Phaeton and a Todor. In each, the belt is "Y" shaped with the bottom of the Y secured to the strong box section that goes accross under and behind the back seat. The tops of the Y come over my shoulders and attach to a lap belt. The whole thing ends up just like a racing harness. hat measuers one can take in a car like a Model A are limited but I don't think I can do much more.
A collapsable steering column wil not prevent your face being splattered on the windscreen but I think (hope) that if push came to shove, my arrangement would help me and my passengers.
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