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Default Re: Engine runs rough unles GAV is open 3/4 turn

Originally Posted by SteveR. View Post
My engine idles good, but when accelerating and at higher speeds, the GAV must be open about 3/4 turn for the engine to be smooth and have good power. I remember reading that the GAV shouldn't be open more than 1/4 turn for normal driving after warm. I assume something on the carb needs to be adjusted, any tips?

Thank you!
I am not sure you have a problem, if you can run the GAV 3/4 turn open. (and the car idles right).

Just to point something out, the GAV is adjustable to allow adjustment to get the right amount of fuel mix in the carb to run the car.

I run mine at between 1/2 and 3/4 and have never been concerned about adjusting the GAV in this range to have the car run good.

The way I look at it, the GAV is able to be adjusted for a reason. I also understand that altitude affects how it should be adjusted. Where I am located, I am 751 Ft above sea level. Just for grins, Check your altitude above sea level?
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