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Default Re: Engine runs rough unles GAV is open 3/4 turn

Originally Posted by rosenkranswa View Post
Had exactly the same problem on a couple of my A's - GAV needed open more and more to run well every year. Finally pulled the carbs and did a good cleaning with some carb cleaner. Problem solved and back to running the way they should. One had the jets so gummed up I had to really work to get them clean. Now I always let the carbs run dry when I'm shutting down for more than a few days.
This is the experience I've had.

First you need to get a handle on what's "normal" for you car. For example, my Dad's car likes to run with the GAV closed. My cars like to run with the GAV open 1/4 turn open (B carbs). Then, after that, if it seems like you need to open the GAV more, you probably need to clean it up inside.

I will mention one thing, though: a richer mixture will compensate for ignition being weak. So make sure ignition wire connections are all clean and tight, make sure ignition points are shiny and gapped correctly, make sure the coil polarity is correct. Then set the GAV to what it needs to be to run well.
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