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Default Re: Fan came apart!!

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Originally Posted by Lee Mitch View Post
First time posting on this side of FB as I am a Model A guy.

I picked up this pretty nice stock '39 pickup a little over a year ago and just got it back on the road. Test drive #2 and the metal fan blew apart and really caused some ugly damage. I've heard of this happening in Model A's, so that it why some of us put on those ugly plastic fans.
The previous owner had upgraded to a 12V system and I think that is where the problems began.

I need your help. When switching to a 12V system, is there a conversion kit that includes a fan and spacer that attaches to the new alternator? Is this sold as a complete unit? I don't know where to start on this and could use some ideas, perhaps some vendors and or parts numbers.

Give me your ideas guys! Thank you!
It looks like the fan in your picture #4 has been modified from its original construction, based on seeing hex head bolts and slotted round head screws holding blades to center hub. The stock construction of these early Ford V-8 fans had rivets holding blades together and blades to hubs.

Question: Was this fan mounted to the front of the crankshaft, or to the pulley on front of alternator?

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