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Smile Re: Gasoline and time

Originally Posted by cas3 View Post
i get about 150 gallons a year from a guy that owns 5 boat marinas on our big lake, minnetonka. insurance regs say any boat going in the shop needs to be drained of gas. they put it in 55 gal. drums, and when theres a few, they deliver it!!!!. you get a mix, some is new, some is 2 cyl, some may have water from a boat that sunk, and some is surely old and thats why the boat went to be fixed. nobody there wants it, can you imagine free gas when you were a kid?. so, i have another barrel with a filter, and i blend in some new gas, every time i fill my modern car i fill a jug too. so i burn it up in my model T's, and model A's and they just love the stuff. i will not put it in modern fuel injected things, but it burns fine in the old junk. when out on a tour the cars get real new gas, and around home i burn the free stuff, and love every mile of it
Well maybe, I'd like to drive to Minnesota. The Model T may just be the trick.
Enjoy yer day. Tom
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