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Originally Posted by dschwartz View Post
Thank you Ford barn for letting me post my problem on the forum and thank you for taking time to respond to my problem.
I learned a very expensive, and very frustrating experience when I purchased the 59AB block on
I completely trusted the machine work that had been done on the block that resulted in total disaster. I am going forward, end of story.

Well, I think what you should have said is that you completely trusted Jody and what he was selling and not the machine work or the machinist.

I've been at this a long a time and I can't tell you how many "rebuilt" or completely machined blocks, short blocks, engines I've looked at. Unless I've did the work myself, they are all used flatheads not worth much until they are completely checked out.

Just becasue Jody has a receipt, doesn't mean all sorts of bad stuff wasn't done to that block over the course of those five years it sat around.

Your beef is with Jody or someone else who fooled with the block either before you got it or after you got it.

Jeez, this thread has gone from bad to worse.
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