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Default Re: Fan too far from radiator.

Originally Posted by qmdv View Post
On my 32 build I have a 59AB engine. My fan is 3 inches from radiator. What some call the fan hub is 1" long. I think 1" fan clearance from radiator is what I need so a fan with 3 inch hub would be ideal. Since I have been having trouble finding one I think a 2 inch spacer (easy to make) would solve the problem. Anybody do this.
I thought we resolved this same issue for you on a post you made last October....

I responded to your wanted ad for a 37 fan, but you declined that, and said you had decided to make a spacer for the fan you already had, which is apparently a 33-36 fan. I'm sure many folks have done this in the past, but it seems to me finding a fan with the correct spacing hub would be a better option.

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