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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by TonyM View Post
Wow. This thread really went off the rails.

What a disappointment.

Who cares about what birds are in your yard or your lawbreaking friends Woofa?

Yes maybe I should. It all started when I knew nothing about public forums or how thread's worked so I added to an existing thread "tell a Model A related story". For some reason it started anew and I don't know why. I ran out of stories about my favourite motor car so started telling stories about my life in aviation.
It was a bit like Forest Gump, he started running and just didn't know when to stop. Just as Mr Gump's running ended so will my stories. I will run out of things to write about or maybe snuff it first. But you are about to get a short break as from today because I'm about to depart to work at a place away from home. I'm not looking forward to it as the temps until Saturday all exceed 110F.
Besides all of that, many readers are enjoying them. In about 6 months of writing these stories I have had now in excess of 33,000 reads and I know many are continuous readers. And of course Tony you are not compelled to read them. cheers, gary
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