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Default Re: Gear shift boot removal

Probably hard Argentinian rubber from the 1950s, now affixed to the chrome plating/rust/whatever.

Use a utility knife and "whittle" it off.

I recently took possession of a Model A engine and some miscellaneous parts which are probably "left overs" of a Model A restoration of the 1960s.

The engine looks like a "keepah" - rusty bore (he didn't put the head back on) but not much ring-ridge. I speculate in my mind this may be a "1st tightening" engine which may have all the original shims? It would be nice.

Other parts included a steering column anti-rattler - in the original plastic wrapper - label typewritten using a typewriter. Rick Freeman and his "How to Restore the Model A" books came to mind.

Bend the wrapper and and anti-rattle rubber inside cracks in two.

That one for trash.

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