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Default Re: Gas tank seeping.

Originally Posted by rogerkb1936 View Post
I ain't recommending this procedure for everyone, it did work for me. shortly after restoring my roadster 32 years ago, my column bracket started to seep. not wanting to remove the tank and damage the paint, I did the following: sandblasted the area around the bracket without damaging the surrounding paint (not easy). ran a hose from another cars exhaust into filler hole, a needed safety measure. with a common propane hand held torch, heated area til old solder ran out. did this twice. resoldered with with acid core, keeping heat mainly on bracket to draw solder in. cleaned up area carefully, and repainted with rattle can. over 33000 mi and still ok. this was a desperation effort, but it worked.

Thanks for the ingenious tip, never would have thought of this on my own!
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