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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

The story continues from yesterday.
Working inthe Riverina. I wanted to return home to Western Queensland for Christmas. To get home was a 3 hour drive to Melbourne airport, a 2 hour flight and a 5 hour drive to my town of Miles. The return could be short so long as I had Christmas day with my wife and kids.
On Christmas eve Graham drove me to Melbourne. Passing by the town of Numurkah we spotted a cop on the other side of the road, writing out a ticket for some unfortunate woman. We continued, exceeding the speed limit. Graham thought he was too important in his BMW for the policeman to chase. But alas the policeman did and Graham got himself a ticket.
About two months later, back working in Queensland my brother in law called and spoke ofan aeroplane crash in Tocumwal. Well you know the story, yesterdays story.
Well I took a trip to Mooroopna hospital to see Graham. Here he was with his legs in the air, attached to cords with weights. Legs spread. Just like one sees in cartoon sketches.
We had agreat time telling jokes, telling of past times. I guess we told some lies too.Well Graham tells me he has had 7 shits in the last 10 days. I ask if he counts them and he says yes.
It’sembarrassing Gary he says. I hold on till my cheeks (facial) swell then yell for a nurse who does the necessary. God it’s humiliating.
During the afternoon he says Gary, I must show you this. He rolls with great discomfort to a bed side table and retrieves a letter. It’s from the Victorian Commissionerof Police. It goes something like this.
Dear Mr George. It is a privilege for you to drive in Victoria on an interstate licence. You have been charged with speeding and we hereby revoke that privilege. You are banned for a period of 3 months.
Graham laughs and that hurts his rib cage. He really is in pain.
I can’t evenwipe my arse let alone drive he says. He continues to laugh. It is really very funny.
I enjoy spending the day with him. He is funny and has more front than Myers department stores.
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