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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Flying for Graham.

The spring was idle with just nothing to spray. However in the Riverina rice was sown and aeroplanes were busy. I went to the town of Tocumwal and worked for a colourful character by the name of Graham George. I had a love / hate relationship withGraham. The love was some fun and funny times we had and the hate was frustration and failure in his management and organisation.
Well Graham could fly and I didnít understand why he was hiring a pilot when he could fly himself. He spoke about getting an ag rating ( endorsement on his pilot licenceto conduct agricultural flying). With that I made the assumption he had acommercial pilot licence which gave him the right to fly professionally. That is to make a living from flying.
Some months after returning to Queensland my brother in law phoned and spoke of an aeroplane crash at Tocumwal. Well I phoned our CASA and asked them if theycould check and see who it was and assuming it was Graham, was there any complications.
It took only5 minutes for them to call back and say yes. Graham didnít have a pilot licence and he didnít have an operators licence either. They did believe however he had a drivers licence and they did know that he was in an ambulance enroute to Mooroopna hospital.
I decided I should take the 850 mile trip south and see him. Beside he hadnít paid me for 3 months work. This needed to be talked about.
Fuel was inextremely short supply. Unions had gone on strike. I decided to hitch hike.Road transports were still running because they probable had fuel in storage.
So I did just that. Hitch hiked. Two days later I met with Graham in Mooroopna hospital and we had a very funny meeting anddiscussion. Graham had humour and could turn a Dracula story to a fun story just like you would see on Disneyland.
This story is too long to continue in one episode and the funny story will continue tomorrow. It is funny.
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