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Default Re: unusually headlight issue

Originally Posted by Y-Blockhead View Post
That's incorrect. The high beam filament is on the bottom and the low beam filament is on the top.

I pulled the information straight from Les Andrews third book, Troubleshooting & Diagnostics p. 4-21, under: Head Lights

His Words:

"The head lights are a duel filament bulb. The bulbs can be place in socket with the high beam up or down. Both head lights should have the High beam in the UP position. Turn the bulb 180 if needed so that both head lights are at low beam at the first switch position to the right."

It was still stuck in my head because I just put in my radiator yesterday and am wiring the car just like the OP and I read the text last night prepping me for wiring the light's today.

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