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Default Re: 8 volt battery question

Originally Posted by adavis View Post
I understand the benefits of converting to 12v, but I'm dead set on running an old 6v Echlin beehive coil so I'm stuck. I haven't had an issue with the 6v system other than it cranks slow when it's cold. I can start the car if I hook a charger to it. I realize that the issue might be the age of my current 6v battery (5 years) but it does test 6.4v with a multimeter. From what I've read/heard an 8v battery is a good upgrade so I planned on buying one to try, but I was concerned when I saw the cranking amps were lower on the 8v than the 6v. That's what didn't make sense.
I have been told I'll need to adjust my voltage regulator to 8.5v but other than that all should be fine.

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I've ran the beehive six volt coils on six volt .The ones that I used were oil filled . You can shake your coil and either feel or hear the oil sloshing if your coil is oil filled . Oil filled coils must be mounted upside down from the way that the model A coil was mounted or they will fail quickly. I didn't know this at the time and went through a few coils before I found out what was causing the poroblem. In other words , if your coil is oil filled like my beehive coil was , the big wire that comes off the coil and connects to the distributor cap needs to be pointing upward when the coil is mounted. I'm not trying to tell you what to do . I'm just tring to give helpfull info to whoever it may concern . A person can run a six volt coil on 12 volts if a ballast resister is used . Eight volt batteries and bulbs are not always readily available, that is why I chose 12 volts .

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