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Default Re: 8 volt battery question

I understand the benefits of converting to 12v, but I'm dead set on running an old 6v Echlin beehive coil so I'm stuck. I haven't had an issue with the 6v system other than it cranks slow when it's cold. I can start the car if I hook a charger to it. I realize that the issue might be the age of my current 6v battery (5 years) but it does test 6.4v with a multimeter. From what I've read/heard an 8v battery is a good upgrade so I planned on buying one to try, but I was concerned when I saw the cranking amps were lower on the 8v than the 6v. That's what didn't make sense.
I have been told I'll need to adjust my voltage regulator to 8.5v but other than that all should be fine.

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