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Default Re: One thing I've learned as a new A owner....

Originally Posted by bigd1101 View Post
Besides everything I thought I would not need to know, owning a 90 year old car that was supposed to be ready to go is a real crap shoot. Mind you, any car with age and not so old car, can be a crap shoot, but this new/old girl has been a challenge. The first run out ended in overheating and since then I've done it all other than pulling the head but getting the new radiator ( the old one was plugged and corroded) new water pump, various things that it needed as it sat for two years before I got her, timing, new fluids, fresh gas, carb parts....(I'm waiting on the new radiator) and hopefully will have her running before the snow flies as I'm in the Finger Lakes in NYS and crossing fingers she behaves this next time around.

The one thing I've leaned with these old machines......don't over think it. It truly is different than any old car or truck I've ever owned, but I'm also a anal... determined SOB and when I'm done, which I might never be much like the three old houses I've restored, I'm OK with it all. The short time I got to drive it, so far, was a blast and unique and I felt like I was driving a piece of early automotive history, something many will never experience. Mr. Ford may have "cut corners" pumping out so many of these cars, but how many modern POS will be around in the numbers he cranked out, 100 years from now? That says a lot about the Model A and the Model T and their resilience. I'd say driver abuse is the number one cause of why more aren't still puttering around. I wish my mom (1920) and dad (1913) were still around for a ride in this car....maybe they are

ps.....couldn't have done it without you folks, thanks for all your (continued) help,

Speaking of driver abuse, at or near the top of the list is improper use of the spark (timing) lever! Completely up (retarded)is only for starting (or making it go 'pucka-pucka' to impress by standers). Pull down a few clicks for idling.
It is not a 'set and forget' when driving either. Timing has to be varied with the lever for varying speeds and loads (like climbing hills).
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