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Default Re: One thing I've learned as a new A owner....

The various quirks of a Model A are part of the enjoyment of owning one, each has their own personality. Most times the fix is easy, sometimes a bit expensive, but in most cases with a little research and all the friends on the barn or a call to a club member, a solution gets things right. I have had all sorts of vehicles over the years from hot rods , Corvettes, Mustangs other muscle and sports cars, but nothing compares to taking my '29 CCPU, '29 Coupe, '31 Tudor or '31 AA for a ride or finishing the restoration of my '30 AA SWB DRW. I bought my first Model A in 1966. Keeping all these going with the help of my son and grand kids keeps this old man busy! it has been said " Life is good in a Model A" and I couldn't agree more.
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