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Default Re: One thing I've learned as a new A owner....

You say Ford cut a few corners, I believe for the times his car was very well put together. I am amazed with how well thought out it was and is. When you think of the year and what was available at the time the Model A was a practical car. JMHO
I know what you mean about driving History, I am always happy to drive mine. I have found the car to be most dependable, have driven it 5000 miles since March of this year. Once yours is up and running you won't be able to wipe the smile off you face. I sneak out to the garage every chance I get just to peak at it. The car has brought a lot of Joy, I have learned you can't push it 40-45 it a comfortable speed, any I higher and I tense up :~).
Gerry Birch Bay WA
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