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Default 1960-1972 ford trucks- thoughts?

I have been seriously looking to buy an old truck, 60/70s vintage to help with house projects/carrying soil, wood, trash runs etc. I love GMs exterior but dislike their interiors and love the interiors of 67-72 fords fxxx. That dash! So focusing mostly on fords (or a 1984 S10 extended 4x4 - which i grew up with ).

I don't really want a unibody truck. I also have noticed that 67-72s are almost exclusively v8s , which for a potential daily driver is over kill. Whats their gas mileage? Ive been looking at older too, as 60-67s are more likely to be a v6 (just right!), and i would assume get better gas MPG. of course the older I go, i fear the less of a daily driver the truck becomes. Thoughts? anyone know MPGs? Have a favorite or recommendation? Any options/years models to avoid?

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