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Default 21" Radial ply tyres

There has been discussion here now and then about radial ply tyres but nearly always 19". The general consensus seems to be that they improve the ride and road holding no end and I don't doubt it. Does anybody have experience with the 21" version. Coker don't say much about them on their site. I even had to enlarge the picture to be able to see that they are 5.50/6.00R21. At those figures, it seems to me that they are probably quite large and the rolling diameter would be about 2 1/2" more than the standard 21' cross ply tire and the tread much wider.
At $240 each, they are cheaper than the 19" ones (surprise) so I either buy a set of those or buy a set of wheels, then pay more for the tyres as well. Over here, pre-depression (28/9) cars are more common than 1930 ones and no 1931 Model As were sent to this country in the day. Finding a set of 19" wheels won't be as easy as over there but if I buy in the US, I don't get to inspect them and then there is the freight. AARRGGGGHHH!
I'm leaning towards the 21" tyres for obvious reasons but would like to get some feedback first.
Thanks in advance.
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