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Default Re: Help! Tie rod end install

OK, I cleaned the new and old tie rod and internals and and got to measuring.

Spring height

Original .960" new 1.0"

Depth from end of tie rod to machined spring seat

Original 2.445" new 2.364"

Depth of end of tie rod to flat edge of spring cup

Original 1.193" new 1.110"

If you take into account the the .040" height loss from the original spring, the depth becomes 1.153 minus the 1.110, equals a .043" difference.....hardly should seem like that should hold me up from getting this on.

On the other hand, there is a ~.080" difference in the machined depth of the seat.

The ball opening to the end of the tie rod is the same on both....but I believe the original is worn slightly. both spring cups measure out the same as well.

So what am I doing wrong? Do you just place it on top of the ball and smack it on with a rubber mallet or dead blow?, because I did that. Do you have to angle it a certain way to get it to go on easier? I mean it seams pretty ridiculous I am having such an issue with this.
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