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Default Re: The Ford Century

Originally Posted by updraught View Post
Some people here are doing work for "The Henry Ford" on computer vision research.
We have a blind member in our club who wears something VERY similar only instead of that cumbersome gizmo on their ears, his is about 1/4" square and 1" mounted on th earm of his specs. An amazing piece of equipment!
When we have eaten out with him, I am amazed at how he can "read" the menu. On one occassion, he ordered a snitzel which, when it arrived was not shaped like the usual snitzel. It was shaped more like a piece of fish. His gizmo told him it was fish so he said to his wife that they had brought him the wrong meal. She explained and all was well. The computing power in that tiny thing on his specs frame is incredible. Leaves me wondering how soon and by how much will we be superceded and when.
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