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Default Re: International Model A Day 2019

From these posts, I gather you guys held International Model A Day on Saturday. Our club is holding our day on Sunday (today) and we are just about to leave for the venue. We make the day a memorial run for our members who have passed on. The surviving members of their family are asked to come and bring the car. If they can't drive it, someone from the club will bring them in it for the day. If the car has been sold to someone else in the club, they are asked to bring it. The cars that used to belong to the deceased members are all parked together. I call them the ghost cars. A walk amongst them brings back a flood of memories of these earlier members and the good times we all shared.
The weather is wet but I'm looking forward to it greatly.
Pulsing like a beacon through the days and nights, one's birthplace sends out its invisible waves of recollection. It always has and it always will, until even the last of us come home. : Clive James
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