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Default Re: Water pump with no grease fittings

Originally Posted by chrs1961815 View Post
It was an alternate design between April 29 and 30 according to the JS. I Think I will just use another regular old casting I have.
That may explain my "box of parts." It came with the March 1929 CC pickup and included the water pump (there was a usual one on the truck) a headlight shell (Type "H" with the small hole) and a tail-light bracket which was unlike any I had seen to that time.

The tail-light bracket (as it turns out) was the one associated with the drum tail-light.

I concluded my truck originally had "Type H" headlights and the drum tail-light - although it was fitted with all later parts. The truck line is of course where Henry dumped outmoded or obsoleted parts and the Twolight headlights would be normal for domestic auto production.

The former owner had some experience with Model A having done up a nice prize winning roadster. But in 1978 trucks were still "farm vehicles" and unworthy of Model A attention. That $425 complete CC pickup body seen at the Norton, MA Antique Auto Flea Market then still sticks in my mind.

Like buying land in 1982, I should have bought TWO building lots.

Hind-sight is 20-20 of course.

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