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Default sleeved wheel cylinders

Hello everyone. While this question is not early V8 specific, I feel that it could apply , so I will pose the following question Yesterday, while bleeding the front brakes ( 1940 ford ) on a '29 Roadster ( customer car ) we were "pumping " up the pedal to bleed the brakes, and after getting some pedal, pumped the pedal to bleed once more to verify there was no more air when suddenly there was a pop noise, and the pedal went to the floor, brake fluid all over the floor. found the wheel to be locked up. ( shoes in a bind and applied tight against the drum ). finally got the thing apart, and at first thought the front piston had some how come out of the wheel cylinder. Then we suddenly realized that the stainless sleeve in the wheel cyl. had come loose and blew out the end of the wheel cyl.. I was obvious that the sleeve had not been pinned , and/ or did not have enough press to keep it in place. we now do not trust the cylinder on the other side, and are going to replace both of them. so has this ever happened to anyone else? we are just glad it happened in the shop, and not on the road. we would like to hear others experiences, and/or opinions. Thanks,--- Jim
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