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Default Re: ROTELLA 15W 40 Oil

Originally Posted by 30 Closed Cab PU View Post
I find Werner's post #10 interesting. Have a motor that was rebuilt last winter and have been using Rotella 15w40 diesel oil. Motor runs great, but 500 mile oil changes are a deep India ink black color. Have tried 2 different rebuilt carbs, no difference.
After reading the above, get the impression the oil should be in better shape at the 500 mile mark. Do not run an oil/air filter, but now think oil should be in better shape anyway.

Am running the hotter W18 spark plugs to keep soot down on the outer part of the plugs, and to keep the black off the center when driving low/medium speeds.

Am now wondering if the motor may being running dirty due to the Rotella oil.
Think I will try a different non-diesel oil nest year, perhaps Castrol GTX 20w50.

What you think? Comments?
I started this thread because the oil was on sale, I was curious myself about the quick change in color. This is the only oil I have used since my engine was rebuilt, and was told to use this and add ZDDP. I noticed some negative responses to the use of Rotella 15W 40, so I asked the rebuilder two days ago if I should continue the use of this oil, his response was, use Valvoline 20W 50 racing oil.Guess I will switch.
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