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Default Re: Oil viscosity (weight) for model A

Originally Posted by redmodelt View Post
Oil does not evaporate in a months time and surface tension should keep some of it in the bearings. Even if the oil did drain out of the valve chamber there should still be oil in the bearings and dipper trays. Guess you could do an experiment, take two pieces of plexiglass say about 2 by 3 inches, spread some oil on one and press together with .015 clearance between the two. In a months time look and see how much oil still remains between them.
Very true. I have taken apart engines that have sat for years and there was still oil in the bearings. But, my question was, How long can that engine run, without damage, on only the oil remaining in the bearings, before gravity supplies more?
I may get ambitious and rig up a tube and funnel, pour some oil in on a cold morning, and see how long it takes for various viscosity oils to flow through.
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