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Default Re: Oil viscosity (weight) for model A

Indeed, the use of a straight 30 weight oil recommended by many Model A forums may lead to a lack of lubrication quality. The use of an oil similar to "Henry’s Oil", especially if much care is not taken by the owner, will result in an engine needing rebuilding sooner than an owner using a modern oil. " END QUOTE "

This is an opinion of two Guys, B. S. too Boot.

You don't run thin oil in a splash oil system. What I refer to as thin oil is, among many, is say 10W.30. Dump it out of the bottle, and it looks like 30 Wt., then dump it out of a hot motor, and it looks like P!$$ Water.

Take some of that and rub between you thumb, and index finger, it doesn't slide very good.

Now do that with 30Wt. Detergent, you will find it to be one heck of a difference.

30Wt. Summer.

20Wt. winter.

We work with bearings every day, and have, 54 years.
A bearing that runs thin oil, runs with larger clearances. The reason being there is more friction on a thinner oil film, and way less cushion.

We have never recommended anything else.

Yes, just about all oil will work, but compared to what!


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