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Default Re: Just acquired a 1927

Grab a gallon of gloss black rustoleo, spray the car, brush the axles and have fun... for now. Id protect what youve got with a quick Earl Scheib paint job and drive it. You may not like it so see where yer heads at when you get it running.
A word of note: mechanically, it may fire on a few spins and ask to go for a ride, which is cool, HOWEVER, the one safety issue is the dang babbit thrust bearings in the rear end. I can tell you from my humble experience, that 40 years ago they werent the issue they are today. Theyve now had another 40 years to disintegrate. If they let go, youll find yourself coasting through the red light with the brake pedal to the floor and have that deer in the headlights look! Seriously, they need looking into.
By the way, that trunk lid is worth $400 and the 26-27 coupe rear fenders can be another 3-400 each if theyre solid. ws
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