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I had to cut most of the floor out of my '55 Courier (pretty much leaving nothing but the transmission hump), but the metal under the wood in the cargo bay was still like new. Also, both inner and outer rockers had to be cut off completely as well as a portion of the underfloor braces. Had to also cut off the rear quarters from the middle of the taillight to about an inch from the door all the way down.
As long as your new metal is prepared with the "Z" flange tool, you can tuck the "flanged tab" of the new panels in behind the portion you had cut off.
I suggest making sure body shell is on a level surface first. If welding is to occur while body is sitting on frame, make sure the frame is level at all four corners and that the frame is not twisted.
Do floor panels first, then inner rockers, then underfloor braces, then rear quarters and finally the outer rockers under the doors.
Ya really don't need any kind of assembly manual for this, I didn't have one and have rebuilt two '55 Fords this way.
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