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Default Re: Air conditioning in a open car

I am 65, finding the need to dress warmer in the winter, this year had to turn up the thermostat a couple of degrees to keep warm. Also can not take the heat/humidity in the 90s as well. If am active outside for a while kinda drains me, and get out of breath and feel lightheaded. Also sweated through my shirt when driving in the A, especially my back against the seat cushion. I put up with it, since this is only a month or less Wisc. Takes some of the enjoyment out of it. So for those in a worse climate than me, if you got the cash to convert the electrical and add A.C - whatever keeps you on the road and makes it enjoyable, I say go for it.

For those who want to tough it out and also enjoy it, again whatever makes you happy.

As the saying goes - "Whatever Foats your Boat". No worries.
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