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Default Re: Warning about c&g

Originally Posted by Karl Wescott View Post
Just to find out what is going on...

Original hydrostatic used a 6 screw on 2" circle.
Early Ford electric used a 6 on 2-3/4" circle.
Late (most street rod) uses a 5 on 2-3/4" circle.

What is the tank?
What is the adapter?

Many tanks are made to the "modern" 5 x 2-3/4", with a adapter sold for the 6 x 2-3/4". I have not seen a adapter to the 6 x 2".
Read the above post which is the correct information. On reviewing an older Bob Drake catalog I note that part # 40-9003 is the correct adaptor for his new fuel tanks which adapt the early ford tanks 1933 to 1935 HYDROSTATIC FUEL SENDER. Don't know if he makes these anymore. C&G list that same part number to suit the 1936 onwards electric fuel King Seely type sender. So there is a mix up here somewhere by C&G on the part number I believe. C&G list another adaptor for modern sender units #Us-54. Chase up C&G yourself and don't leave it to your mechanic who does not have this information. Regards, Kevin.
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