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Default Re: Warning about c&g

It is literally impossible to return a part to Rock Auto, past the return date, even if it's a defective part. When I was fitting the exhaust in my car, I knew what mufflers I was going to use and ordered them in advance. As I progressed with the piping and opened the muffler boxes, I noticed that the mufflers were different. Same box, same part number, but reversed. On one muffler it looked like it was assembled backwards. Everything was reversed, offset, outlet, inlet, hangers and stampings. Obviously a screw up. When I called to ask about a return I was told nothing can be exchanged after the 30 day period. Despite several E-Mails (a phone number is impossible to get and talk to a human) explaining the situation I was told that my case was purged from the system. Had to purchase another muffler. Moral of the story is that if you are building a street rod and like to order parts in advance and have them on a shelf ready to go, make sure you open every box and check it out.
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