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Default Re: Starter heat soak

Originally Posted by daltonathomas94 View Post
This is probably a worn out topic, but I can't seem to find much in the archives (I could just be ignorant/ lazy/ both) only one I could find is relating to the starter wrap.

Was there any heat shield that may have been a later add on to help with this issue? Pictures of yours if you found or made one? The starter is just so close to the exhaust pipe after the manifolds connect. Seems like a poor design when you have heat coming in on both sides.

The wrap idea seems sound, but like an emergency mylar blanket, I feel like it would trap heat when it did get in and just cause a longer period till you could start.

I haven't yet cleaned all the connections so I know that will be mentioned. Just seems like a good bit of extra insurance.

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In my opinion, your flathead as well as it's exhaust does not make enough heat to cause any adverse issues with your starter. If it does, I'd suggest you have an issue with your starter that needs to be rectified. Or perhaps your engine is running way too hot. I doubt the later is the case as I'd think you'd have mentioned that.
I have had a number of very high performance cars and the ONLY ones that benefited from a heat shield were the big block Chevys. And even then, only those that were built well beyond their original level of performance.
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