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Post Re: Unibody car on jack stands.

Originally Posted by JimNNN View Post

... unibody construction til the '65 T Bird. I need to get underneath to access the trans vacuum mo. valve. I presume the jack stands will go on the big seam weld running the wheel base along the outer edge of the underside...
The only way (IMO) to floor jack a uni-body, especially a heavy one, is to either raise the car-

Front - placing the jack under the engine cross-member, or @ control arm mount(s) and raise and place jack-stands. You will notice short rails after the engine cradle. This is where you want the stands.

Rear- either by raising by the center section of the rear and placing the stands under the axle tubes or @ the front spring perch mounts/short frame rail extensions.

Even though there is a special jack pad to raise a car by the outer rocker panel seam, I would advise against it. Doesn't take much here to damage it.

There are also pads available for the stands that will cushion the load of the metal (sheet) to the stand.

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