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Default Re: Tillotson versus Zenith carburetor

I have run all three carbs. The Zenith is a good carb and runs well. I have it under my seat as a backup carb. However, I now have a Marvel Shembeler on my A. I like it the best. I think it gives you more power at higher speeds. They only thing I would say that is critical of the Marvel is you can never give it any throttle when starting either a cold or hot engine. I found that if you just pull the choke and immediately drop it it will always start. Other wise, you can flood the engine.

If you are interested in a Marvel, there is a fellow in Texarkana, TX that does nothing but sell rebuilt Marvels. He rebuilds them and is the Marvel guru. His name is JR Bullock and his telephone number is 903-748-8229. He charges a flat $200 and ships free in the US. He is also listed on Ebay.

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