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Just a few thoughts that may help.
In my experience many folks really don't care if the locks work or not.
Their cars are usually not out of their sight for very long so security is not a major concern.
Ignition is a no brainer however, but door, trunk then glove box in that order of importance. If the car has a tire lock then that jumps up in importance for obvious reasons.
In a nutshell ….if a guy wants working locks the key itself doesn't matter.
Some folks ask for the "correct key" ( which I usually don't have) but they don't want to pay much for it.
If I see original blanks for sale I only buy them if they are cheap because I know I can't get much for them. I use them for new or near new locks I have, that are lacking a key. They add to the value of the lock.
I'm not trying to pee on anyone's parade here...…..
just my thoughts from my experience here on The Barn
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