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Originally Posted by 406CID View Post
Not my company, but I do work for Logo Lites.

The LED emitters were painstakingly designed to be in the exact same location as the two incandescent filament in the original bulb. Moving the LED bulb in and out has the exact same effect as they do on an incandescent since they emit from the same location.

I don't have the exact proper setup to do the Ford prescribed focusing, but will see what I can do to show the focused output this weekend.

Keep in mind, with a correctly focused factory reflector and an original 21/21 CP bulb, if you could take those bulbs up to a few thousand CP without changing anything else, your eye would see a slightly different pattern.

Also, the Logo Lites LED Headlight bulb puts out the same lumens as other DOT approved modern halogens.

While Iím sure it wonít be perfectly the same the photo attached shows what the beam pattern should look like at 25 feet. For the price I think itís probably worth it for me to buy a pair and do some testing of my own.
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