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Default Re: Copper head gasket or best Kevlar?

Originally Posted by P.S. View Post
I recently installed a Best brand kevlar (they call it graphite) head gasket on a Model A. I followed all directions exactly. No water seepage, however when pulling a hill in 3rd gear at 45 MPH or so, the combustion gasses are getting into coolant and blowing the water out the radiator overflow.

Yes, I have re-torqued it (read above where I followed ALL directions). The block/head are flat.

Going back to copper gaskets. No problem with those.
Are you sure that is what is happening? Have you had the coolant checked by a radiator shop for combustion gasses? Could it be the motor is getting a little hotter pulling the hill, the water warms up a little more and expands a little more and comes out the overflow?
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