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Default Re: Rare '40 convertible restoration project

Originally Posted by V8COOPMAN View Post
Using your numbers (16 months vs seven years), you've kind'a made your own point.....comparing your professional's time to Kube's. It seems obvious that your "pro" takes over 5 times longer (calendar-wise) than Kube does. It would just be interesting to hear your pro's rationalization of the comparison that YOU made concerning the 'time' involved. DD
Hmmm... I've been a bit apprehensive to weigh in here.
Still, I find I can't help myself.
I have never considered myself a "professional" as I do this mostly for my own satisfaction.
Still, each and every one of cars has gone on to score a minimum of 997 points. I'd be curious how that compares to "pro" shops.

In regard to time consumed from start to finish: It's been my experience that anything over 18 months and there becomes a need to freshen parts that were done in the initial phases. That is, IF the desire for high points remains a priority.
As an example, I'd done a '40 convertible about twelve, maybe fifteen years ago. At that time, I had hired "outside" for the paint and body work. The fellow did beautiful work but took two years to complete it. At that point, I took the chassis apart and completely freshened it.
Yes, I realize I am a bit "anal" (I prefer OCD) and as such am most likely not satisfied with two year old nuts and bolts...
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