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I grew up in Brockville Ont., right at the east end of the Thousand Islands. My Father had a very serious heart attack when I was about 8 or so and was bed ridden for several monthes. Many of his friends would take "Jimmy" for a weekend in order to give my mother a rest.

Two of these were "George" a Commercial Photographer and old "Skinny Kyle" the proprietor of a Resturant that had a Candy and Ice Cream manufactary in the back. To Deliver Ice cream to other retail outlets Kyle's Resturant had a Model "A" insulated van made of wood. George had to take some pictures for an advertisement so one saturday morning the three of us set out to the Rideau Lakes in the old delivery van. Since it was a bright sunny day with ocasional patches of what Kodak described as cloudy bright (Distinct shadows) It was most enjoyable riding in a vehicle without doors or a windshield.

As the day wore on a bottle of Wiser's distilled spirits of fermented Canadian Rye appeared from behind the seat. When the level had reached the 3/4 mark a unanimous decision was made that it was time "jimmy" learned how to drive. My feet couldn't reach the pedels but that was no problem since there was a hand throttle, button for a Klaxton, and the switch for the lights in easy reach.

King's Highway #2 west of Brockville had been made into a four lane road as a Depression Make work Project just before Stubengrupper's War. As we retuned into town the plain Blue 1952 Cevrolet which was Brockville's Police Car was at the side of the road manned by Seregnt MacFadden. Needless to say I made sure this other good friend of my father's could see me.

It was another 8 years before I drove a vehicle on the highway and Mother would not let George or Skinny take me on an excursion. The taste of Rye whiskey still brings back the memories even after nearly 50 years.

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