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Default Which Valve Springs Would You Use?

I am doing a valve job and have an issue with the valve springs. Les Andrews’ book has the specifications of 2-15/16” free length with 57-64 lbs of compression at 2-1/4”. The valve seats are original (ie not hardened inserts). Which of the three options below would you choose:

(1) The original springs are correct length but test at 55 lbs at 2-1/4”. The spring wire diameter is .135. These springs could be increased to 60 lbs by using a .100 washer.

(2) I purchased a set of springs at CW Moss. Spring length is 3-3/16” and a compression of 80 lbs at 2-1/4”. The spring wire diameter is .145.

(3) I purchased a set of spring from Snyders. Spring length is proper but compression is 55 lbs at 2-1/4”. I contacted Snyders and they use a different standard. They state the Ford blueprints calls for 34-40 lbs at 2-1/2”. The Snyders’ springs measure 32 lbs at 2-1/2”. Snyders does not have any springs in stock that are minimum compression. Snyders’ catalog states their springs are made at one of the oldest spring works. The springs I received look like a DIY hack. The spring foot has a rough coarse grind like I would make with an angle grinder. The foot is not flat and the spring does not stand straight. The springs did not receive any surface treatment and have surface rust.

Should I pick a different solution if I use a B grind camshaft with a lift of .334” instead of the original .303” lift?
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