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Default Re: Steering wheel orientation.

The worm gear is ground in an hourglass shape,and there is really only one position for it to be in the straight ahead position.It should be tight when centered,and loose when you turn a quarter turn in either direction.It really only wears in the middle,and when you adjust it for wear,it has to have looseness when turned or it would bind.If the worm is properly pressed on the key should be facing straight up when centered.That's not what I've seen a lot of in real life.I have a NOS shaft and worm that is centered with the key at about 11:00.These are not recirculating ball steering boxes that factor the steering wheel position into an alignment.If you try to position the wheel by altering the drag link,the steering worm will no longer be in it's center position when aimed straight ahead.Out of five A's three of mine have excellent steering,and no two have the steering wheels in the same position.
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